Bad in Bed LIVE!

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Record Bar, 1520 Grand Boulevard, Kansas City, MO 64108

Let’s talk about sex, KANSAS CITY!

Let’s talk about all the good things—and the bad things—that may be.

Award-winning author, Shelby Simpson, has taken her no-holds-barred, grandma panties-and-all, walk-of-no shame book, “We’re All Bad In Bed,” and adapted it for the stage. With a boozy and a welcoming atmosphere, it's a show where everyone can blush, crack up, sing along with the raunchiest of the 90s rap, and punch their best friend on the shoulder because—oh my god, Stacy, you know you did that EXACT thing with that guy last weekend.

Featuring an opening by Calvin Arsenia, this multimedia performance is unlike anything you’ve seen on a local stage.

All of this to say: come play with us. Bring your friends. Bring your spouse. Bring your earmuffs, because you're about to hear unflinching honesty. It's a night to pry open taboo conversation about topics that are still considered naughty even though practically Every. Single. Person. Throughout. History has done them.

Let’s talk about sex.