Post Ballet: Incandescent Body

Heron Arts, 7 Heron St. , San Francisco, CA 94103

A luminous and transcendent cabaret spotlighting singer/songwriter Star Amerasu and her vibrant, deeply personal music. Incandescent Body is presented in collaboration with The Living Earth Show, with choreography by Vanessa Thiessen and Robert Dekkers.

“Star Amerasu is candid, in her music and in person, about the ways life’s challenges have shaped her. She tackles a variety of heavy themes… Being a victim of sexual assault, turning to drugs to cope with a loved one’s death, and dealing with men who are secretive about their attraction to trans women. Her lyrics can be brutal in their honesty, but… Amerasu remains an optimist, however, even as she takes on heavy life experiences in her music.”

-Excerpt from “Star Amerasu Confronts Trauma with Beauty” by Kamala Thiagarajan of KQED Arts

“…when I think of what I want to be

There’s always something clear that I see

The wind is racing, my pulse is rushing

I’m free like a bird, nothing can touch me

I’m flying”

Admission $50