"Self hatred has dampened the lights of many bright people.  I’m always wanting others to shine and to be loved and feel loved and to give love to me and others.  and I take very seriously the responsibility of my role in that chain."
The Voice Magazine

"Consumers of music feel it is their right to have the music they want to listen to and to have it instantly and nearly free. Then it’s the artists privilege to get paid, maybe, if the consumer, already having enjoyed the music, sees fit to support the artist through a direct sell, which is still $.90-$10 an interaction."
Middle Tennessee Music

"Arsenia’s music is highly conceptual and genre-elusive, so the show was equal parts opera, symphony, musical theater, rock show, all built around its creator: a charismatic 6-foot-7-inch harpist with natural stage command and knack for gilding gold and painting lilies."
IN Kansas City Magazine

"In his dark, orchestral-driven cover, Arsenia weaves in and out of the melody with Eurythmics-style dreaminess. The strings pulsate along tight, vibrating lines vacillate between reality and surrealism."
Popdust – Toxic Single

Arsenia blends his classically-trained voice with jazz and electronic influences, creating a melody that lulls you into his own dimension. Then when you hear his Celtic harp solo, you realize this artist is playing by his rules alone. - Headlights Video