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In the vibrant world of multidisciplinary art, Calvin Arsenia shines brightly, blending visual, performing, and culinary arts in unique ways. This Kansas City artist and musician draws inspiration from the grand ceremonies of his evangelical upbringing and the connections between sacred spaces and opulence. His work is known for its theatrical flair, featuring bold silhouettes and intricate details that draw his audiences in to warm their toes at the fire of his smoldering heart.

Collaboration plays a key role in Arsenia’s performances. Totally enamored by the work of his heroes and peers, he performs with veteran virtuosos and emergent delights alike. He often features the work of handmade original jewelry and clothing that combine elegance with avant-garde style. Graphic design and photography bring these creations to life, turning them into dynamic visual stories. His two years of experience in a Montessori classroom add a playful and curious spirit to his work - always focusing on inviting the audiences into his beautiful world. He has also worked very closely with culinary artists, interpreting food into tantalizing melodies and sonic textures.

Arsenia’s artistry is enriched by his diverse approach, blending music, contemporary art, dance, culinary arts, textile arts, makeup and styling. This mix creates a cohesive and captivating practice that constantly pushes boundaries. Calvin Arsenia is not just an artist; he is a master, crafting a symphony of creativity that equally dares, dazzles, and delights.


Graphic Design:
Chris Dong

Costume Design: 
April Madden
Pangea Kali Virga

Ngan Vuong
Christie Annmann
Sydney Pener
Teri Quinn

Celina Tio


“Back to You”

This instant classic was written and released by Calvin Arsenia when he was on tour in Europe in 2017. Back to You appears dressed as an easy listening heart broken ballad on LA Sessions and as an art pop dialogue on Cantaloupe. 

This performance recorded live at an ARTSKC awards ceremony where Arsenia and his two producers Jametatone and Pushki debuted the Cantaloupe version to the world. 

Live Performances

Music Videos

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