Songs of Freedom - Calvin Arsenia and Deonna Marie

Carpenter Theater, Oklahoma City, OK

In honor of National Black History Month, Calvin Arsenia and Deonna Marie join forces to present Songs of Freedom - a selection of songs, current and traditional, spanning the last 200 years that have provided shelter, courage, and pride in this resilient American population. Calvin and Deonna are nimble vocalists, able to ebb and flow through multiple vocal disciplines including classical, jazz, and pop. This evening, filled with breathtakingly beautiful moments and stories of overcoming, will leave you hopeful and inspired.

Calvin Arsenia

Voted Kansas City’s Best Musician 2018 and 2019 (PitchKC), and featured on Billboard, Grammy.com, NPR.org, NEWNOWNEXT, Pride.com, and GRAMMY.com, Calvin Arsenia has built a reputation for turning the arts world on its head. Arsenia’s angelic, classically-trained voice soars over audiences, enchanting even the fussiest of fans, beckoning them to join him as he flirts between genres.  “Jeff Buckley meets Nina Simone with this soul of Sam Cooke, and the sparkle of Bjork.”

But the music is just one part of his prodigious performances, for Calvin believes the art is in crafting the perfect moment. His music is best served live, with sensational performances and high fashion from the visually striking performer who stands at 6’6”. Arsenia’s height, energy, and curated environments fill the often intimate spaces he performs in. Brought into 9 countries through public and private grants in less than a decade, Arsenia builds a scene for his audience and for himself, packed with beauty and lasting delight.



Deonna Marie

Genre-bending vocalist and recitalist Deonna Marie is looking for performance venues in 2020 to share her gift of song,

Immaculate, sassy, pristine, and hearty, this award-winning classically trained singer and vocal coach has the message of hope and restoration that America desperately needs right now. Raised in a impoverished drug-ridden community in industrial Grand Rapids, Michigan, and in and out of foster care homes, Deonna Marie found moments of shelter and solace in houses of worship with her voice ringing loud and strong. Life sometimes has a way of dealing difficult hands - it’s messy and awkward - and this diva is no stranger to hardship. After winning her own battle against substance abuse, Deonna continued her passion by completing multiple degrees in vocal music performance (Oklahoma City University and Italy), curating camps and workshops for inner-city youth across the United States, and sharing her powerful story of overcoming a tumultuous childhood - shining in spite of it all. Deonna sings from a place of experience and deep connection that is rarely seen on stage today. Over the last 30 years, she has raised audiences to their feet around the world and she’s only just begun.

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