Candlelight Sessions Showcase

PH Coffee, 2200 Lexington Ave, Kansas City

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The Candlelight Sessions Showcase is an intimate and experimental open mic and networking event designed and curated by Calvin Arsenia to elevate and empower singers, musicians, writers, and artists who are looking to expand the depth and breadth of their craft. Pedal harp, acoustic steel string guitar, and a non-weighted keyboard are provided. Tickets for performers and audience members TBA.

Hand lettering by Chris Dong

Tickets: $10 Per Performer, $20 Audience Member


Spirituality Adventures with Fred Herron + Calvin Arsenia

Cable Building

Join us for a live podcast recording, teaching from Fred Herron and live music from Calvin Arsenia. Limited seating available. About this event Live Podcast Interview & Commentary with Fred Herron

Live Music from Calvin Arsenia

  • This event will have a cash bar for drinks

Inner Sanctuary with Maralis Self and Calvin Arsenia

The Shop, Kansas City, KS

There is a magnificent thing that happens once we become more aware of, connected to and more perceptive of our own energy. We can then learn ways to sense and navigate that energy. We, as humans, are in charge of our own energy. We get to discern and decide what our reactions to energy and emotions will be. Join Calvin & Maralis as we discuss ways to direct your energy, and ways you can begin to utilize your energy for self-healing. We will learn and experience how music and sound can work harmoniously in tandem with our efforts to uplift and shift. If you missed the first event in the series, not to worry, we have notes! Come as you are, ready to connect, with an open mind and an open heart. We will learn, we will move, we will experience music, and we will share in the beautiful harmonious vibration we create. Join us! *Please bring a mat or something to sit /lay on, a blanket if you’d like, a journal and your favorite writing utensil. **Handout will be provided with the teaching and with our information.

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