1. Cantaloupe HD

From the recording Honeydew


I’d take that toothy grin
Over just about any other thing
You can bet your bottom dollar
That I’ve been looking for a ring

What would your mum say?
How would your father feel?
Without a crowd of witnesses
How will we know it was real?

We can’t elope
Though wouldn’t it be nice?
I want a photograph for our kids to laugh
Wee Cantaloupe

Consider those that came before us
They gave up their lives
So that you and I could proudly
Hold each other tightly

You know I love frosting
I know you love cake
So let’s invite everyone
To come and celebrate

We can’t elope
Though technically we could
I’ve got nothing to prove, my choice is always you
Wee Cantaloupe

I could write out pages, pages, worn out pages
But would good would that do?
If you could be patient patient patient darlin’ patient
I’m already vowed to you! To you!

But we can’t elope
As simple as that’d be
What’s the point of it if we can’t flaunt a bit
Wee Cantaloupe,
We can’t elope!