Calvin Arsenia's Leather and Lace Helliday Cheer Fetish Ball

The Ship, Kansas City, MO

Calvin Arsenia Presents Naughty List Leather & Lace Helliday Cheer Fetish Ball TL;DR: *this is a concert party experience, not a sex party **creepers will not be tolerated. Whip out your holiday spirit with Calvin Arsenia and his naughty special guests. Dominate The Ship's dance floor and submit to the season. Prizes for the best dressed individual or team. This is a celebration. To honor our collective here-ness, to embrace this year before it joins the legion of others that came before, to revel in a damn good party. While adopting a specific element of the multifaceted kink community as our theme, this is a costume party flirtatiously honoring and embracing the history and subculture of BDSM- not to be confused with a party for BDSM play. We invite you to challenge the borders of your authentic self-expression while encouraging others to safely do the same by observing the following guidelines:

1) Come adorned for adoration and keep in mind that this is a public party which will operate at the discretion of The Ship's requirements and regulations.

2) Appreciate with your eyes, not with your hands. Keep them (and all of your other delightful corporal belongings) to yourself. 3) Practicing compassion and respecting the safety of others is of utmost importance- harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. Many thanks to Nyonu Branch-Watkins for developing the guidelines that will help keep our little community safely scandalous on Friday, and to Peregrine Honig for our wonderfully kinky Snowman Illustration.