1. Experience

From the recording Catastrophe

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J ASHLEY MILLER . production


If I said, “the devil made me do it” that’d be the easy way out
Cause it was God Himself who dug me out of a ditch of doubt
The choices I made got me here in the first place
But the song of freedom resonates in my rib cage

Laughter and passion can’t heal you
Zealots can feel emptiness too
One by one a moment’s done and
We become who we become

Years ago someone gave me a tricky seed
And I decided I’d plant a shame tree
Feast and eat and drink –repeat
The produce of the land. My man

I feel music in my fingertips
It was the experience I was after (Yes it really was)
No room for commonsense. It was the
Experience! Experience!

Didn’t know the consequence
Of the experience I was after (No I really didn’t know)
No room for commonsense. It was the
Experience! Experience!

Exhibit A: Take it back to high school
Where I would often laugh so hard that I would drool
The notion of an emotional ocean was
A feeling I was fairly acquainted with

We speak of peace like we know what it is
We speak of health like we ain’t got no diseases
This mild boy from the cornfields of Kansas
Let the wind leave me empty-handed