From the recording Catastrophe

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CALVIN ARSENIA . voice, harp, banjo, piano, acoustic guitar . COLEEN DIEKER . violin . JOE DONLEY . upright bass . JESSICA PAIGE . voice


Well you’re kinda like a cutie
Like a little baby orange
Taunting my sweet tooth
And you left me forlorn

Now I’m having some problems
With your philosophy
Cause you look like an angel
And sting like a bee.

Kansas City, baby!
What can I do?
The roads here are wide and straight
But all I want is you

Let me conjure up some courage
And bejewel a few words
I’m not a rich man
But let me show you what I’ve earned:

Sweetness and wisdom
Up to my knees
Which is quite a bit, if you think of it,
When you live among the trees

Kansas City Baby
What can I do?
The skyline ain’t a mountain high
When you're living on Troost

I have traveled the world
To find the most beautiful girl
She was under my nose
The heart knows when it’s home

Take a look at the luggage
I’ve been toting around
Trinkets and milestones
But the best that I’ve found

Are the blessings and proverbs
No, not just some words
But the faces of loved ones
Now haven’t you heard of

Kansas City, baby
What can I do?
Heart sick when I’m leaving it
But I’m coming home soon

I said
I’m heartsick when I’m leaving it
But I’m coming home soon