1. Dessert

From the recording Paradise


Shit She’s out there again

There’s a cat on the corner
Cattycorner to my house
She howls at the moon
While I open a can of tuna
Play my music loud (So loud)
still can’t drown her out (drown her)

She thinks I’m clever whatever the joke is on her
I’d love to love her but honey she’s covered in fur
And that’s not what I prefer.

Stay away from my house, please! (stay away)
I like having this other mouth to feed
The little mouse on my shoulder
Belongs to me

I think I like him; he crawls under my chin and squeaks.
I keep his tail under my thumb, feed him crumbs, look at those cheeks

Meal within a meal
Snack within a snack
I got a lot of fresh cheeses, and I can’t take them back
So what we gonna do now
Now that the foods out?

No need to rush him
I pour a White Russian and purr
No need to cry
You have not even tried your dessert